Substance Abuse and Drag racing

My favorite teaching for my clients in the classroom for intensive outpatient session is to tell them a story of drag racing at Hawaii Raceway Park and Maui Raceway Park. Fundays where I had two motorcycles. On Maui, I had the Honda Hurricane 600cc and clock it at 11.86 which a lot of people on Honolulu thought was impossible because they were clocking at 12 seconds on the quarter mile. I moved to Honolulu and bought a Yamaha v-max and bored it out to a 1235cc high compression domes and ran race gas 100 octane from the 76 gas station in Mccully. I clocked that bike at 11.40 on the quarter mile and was trying to get it in the 10 second range without no wheelie bar. The Honolulu raceway park closed down and I had to sell the bike. Sad day and no fun racing in the bracket racing with cars and bikes. At least I have won two races as first runner up on Maui and Honolulu. Glory for one day and the best feeling that is indescribable. So, anyways I will teach you about bracket racing where there are two Christmas trees on both side of the track with white lights on the top of it. So usually two vehicles come up to the line up and get ready to stage. First you burn rubber to make your tires sticky and get good grip and try to psy the other driver you are challenging with tricks of the trade. Staring at them burnout to show how much power you have and then get stage for the race. Once both vehicles are line up then the lights on the top will have four white lights signaling that your vehicle is lined up correctly and ready to race. The person in the middle of the two Christmas tree is holding the trigger for the lights to come down the Christmas tree and it is yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, then green. All racers try for the HOLESHOT which is the perfect timing of .5 second. Anything faster than that is the red light and that means cheating and you lose. So, mind and body takes .5 seconds off the line drag racing to win and it is a rush of adrenalin that makes it real. I have reached the traps at the end of the tack of a quarter mile at 118mph with my motorcycle. A real natural high that cannot be described and doing with friends was the best experience. So, getting back to how this relates to substance abuse is that mind and body is .5 seconds and our thinking flys faster than that at the speed of light which is 186,000 miles per second and a lot of clients tell me they do not know how they were using the drugs because it just happen. I ask them what was the trigger and they cannot answer how the meth pipe ended in their mouth, it just happened at the speed of light. Now how are we going to counter something so fast. It will be to counter with another thought just as fast to stop it from automatic thinking. So, there you go cognitive behavior therapy can help. Thoughts without thinking are automatic as driving alcohol for many years and then you stop but always reaching for that drink that is not there anymore. Automatic thinking where 0.5 seconds will land you in the drunk tank, cell, prison, jail, institution, and death. The treatment center is an institution and the other one is called Kaneohe state hospital for people that have delusions, hallucinations and commands. Drug induced psychosis is real and getting into recovery is hard because yo have to change everything and do everything that is uncomfortable. It is like going down the street with your car and throwing it into reverse. Anybody can get sober but recovery is key to happiness. Sometimes we take things for granted and not know how lucky we are to live in Hawaii. So take things in the HERE and NOW, present moment, 24 hours or by the half a second and enjoy it . Learn to experience in the Here and Now like a Zen monk and do not have the monkey mind. The monkey mind is all over the place like the past and the future. Be like a child exploring new things and having fun even though it is like make believe because they are having fun while the adults are stressed out figuring out what to do all day long.

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