Stress and Diabetes

Sometimes diabetes can affect our stress levels due to sugar levels being too high. It is a silent disease and can come on suddenly without realizing it. Levels as high as 600 blood sugar is to enter the hospital and can get to the point of a coma. Sugar gives energy and without it, you can feel fatigue, cranky, urination every hour, thirsty, losing concentration, and not enough sleep. Type one diabetes need insulin shots that are required at every meal three times a day sugar needs to be monitored and it is a had balance to get the perfect mix. Type 2 diabetes needs pills or insulin if sugar cannot get under control. Stress makes things worse and diet and exercise is no fun when you have extra weight and like being a couch potato. I like netflix and amazon prime movies and when I get into those series of movie then I cannot stop and start munching on the potato chips which is not good for me. How to deal with stress from the job, bills, diet, diabetes, and all  that life stuff? Well, I would say, take it one step at a time and work into slowly and not gung ho and do things all a once. We need to enjoy eating right by looking at the labels and see how sugar is in everything and how fake sugar can have bad results on our A1C blood test every three months check up at the doctor. It is out responsibility to take care of ourselves so we can help others to do the same. So, go out there and check with your doctor and get a blood test to check your blood sugar, high blood pressure etc. Find a hobby so that you get the exercise having fun doing it and have less stress.

I had a friend Kimo who was there in my time of need. We live together in the Oxford house in Hawaii Kai and that was the funnest time in my life living with people who were in recovery in a nice area with a big house like one happy family. I was so poor that my rent was $350 a month and working at Safeway for 20 hours as a baker and attending college at Honolulu Community college full-time riding my motorcycle everywhere.

At the time when I met Kimo at the oxford house, he told me that he had diabetes and and was a successful salesman for Aflac. I was taking a nutrition class at the time and learned about vitamins and healthy food to eat and reading labels. So, I remember Kimo cooking something in the oven and I asked him what he was cooking? Kimo told me that it was a whole package of bacon. I asked him if he was suppose to eat that since he had diabetes. He told that, “I am splurging.” I know it was irritating for him to lecture him but I did care about his condition. It was sad that his condition lead to a premature death of a heart attack. Diabetes is serious stuff and I hope you take care of yourself and eat the proper foods and take vitamins. I have been trying L-Arginine and DHEA which helps my circulation and gives me energy. L-Arginine helps open the blood vessels and creates nitric oxide for blood to flow better with exercise and DHEA pushes out testerone for more energy. I got this recipe from Arnold the Terminator when searching on the internet one day. I am not a doctor and before trying this, you will need to ask your doctor if you can, but for me, it works good for surfing. I think that it is helping my diabetes at the moment and feel good without blurry vision and feeling depressed from high sugars. I have heard that the Keto diet is working for some people by eliminating the carbs. I believe that healthy food, sugars, fruits, vegetables, and meat helps a person feel good. Moderation is key to everything and eating one ice cream cone is too many and thousand ice cream cones is never enough. In addition, to food that are bad for you. There are a lot of documentaries that you can get on netflix and amazon prime to help give you an idea of sugars that are fake like fructose and cereals that does not help with diabetes. Carbohydrates are bad for diabetes which turn into sugar too fast and causes a spike in sugar levels. Sodas are high in fructose-super sugar that is addicting and tastes good. So, check the nutrition labels for information on sodium-salt, MSG-monsodium glutamate or super salt, preservatives-nitrates which all are bad for diabetes and high blood pressure but tastes good. An example would be bacon with nitrates and high sodium tastes good but if you buy natural bacon, it tastes bland like pork belly with a little salt. I know and love bacon and diabetes does not like it. Portugueses sausage if the best and nice and oily with juices which tastes out of this world and a lot of unhealthy substances with nitrates and sodium. Reading labels help recognizes these substances that are unhealthy for us diabetes. So, please check the labels and eat more fruit and vegetables and protein and cut down on carbohydrates. Fiber is good for the stomach which can help with losing weight. I mean the real fiber like GOBO which is a Japanese burdock root. It is the fiber that helps the stomach stay healthy and it is chewy. It is a pain to make but very tasty if prepared right and usually a Japanese restaurant makes this dish as pupus or side dish. So, travel down to Don Quitote or Asian mart to find GOBO or burdock root which needs to be soak in water for a day after slicing it to small slices and you can fry it in a pan or add some marinated sauce to give it the flavor like pickles. Sometimes, the store sells GOBO chips which is tasty.

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