Stress and Diabetes

Sometimes diabetes can affect our stress levels due to sugar levels being too high. It is a silent disease and can come on suddenly without realizing it. Levels as high as 600 blood sugar is to enter the hospital and can get to the point of a coma. Sugar gives energy and without it, you can feel fatigue, cranky, urination every hour, thirsty, losing concentration, and not enough sleep. Type one diabetes need insulin shots that are required at every meal three times a day sugar needs to be monitored and it is a had balance to get the perfect mix. Type 2 diabetes needs pills or insulin if sugar cannot get under control. Stress makes things worse and diet and exercise is no fun when you have extra weight and like being a couch potato. I like netflix and amazon prime movies and when I get into those series of movie then I cannot stop and start munching on the potato chips which is not good for me. How to deal with stress from the job, bills, diet, diabetes, and all  that life stuff? Well, I would say, take it one step at a time and work into slowly and not gung ho and do things all a once. We need to enjoy eating right by looking at the labels and see how sugar is in everything and how fake sugar can have bad results on our A1C blood test every three months check up at the doctor. It is out responsibility to take care of ourselves and b taking care of ourselves, we can help others to do the same. So, go out there and check with your doctor and get a blood test to check your blood sugar, high blood pressure etc. Find a hobby so that you get the exercise having fun doing it and have less stress.

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