Staying safe and making it through the crisis

In times of crisis, we all need each other to get through whatever comes out way. I know it is easier said than done. A higher power can be handy in times where there is no one around and sometimes we take for granted the things that is ordinary now becomes precious to us. We have fear of the unknown and have many questions which gives use stress. Using alcohol, pills or drugs will not help us but cause more confusion to a crisis that we need to face sober and have a spiritual connection somehow. I believe family can give use support and friends are handy too. We are all scared of what is becoming to be and that is the future. The past is always there and needs to be dealt with in ordering to move forward. Staying in the Here and now, 24 hours, present moment can be easier than worrying about the future. Be happy with right here and now. Look at the positive of what we have and can help others which is the most important. We can survive on water, food, and shelter as the basic physical aspects of life but we need each other to make it through a crisis. Using coping skills, relapse prevention skills, and refusal skills is the key to stop addiction. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help with slowing the thoughts down. Write down the thoughts you are having, write the behavior that is connected to the thoughts, and write down the action or consequences. Analyze this to find out the motive and change it into a positive way to correct thinking errors. This can be used for arguments, anger, anxiety, depression, or panic reactions. An example would be, Cognitive-People at the stores are making me feel nervous and acting like there are panicking. Behavior-I am feeling scared and becoming paranoid. Consequences-I am staying far from people and cannot go to the store.


Cognitive-People at the store are buying food and getting prepared, Behavior-I am buying food to be prepared and save some for others. consequence reward-I feel good about helping others.

So, in these examples with negative and positive thoughts that can be changed from errors in thinking pattern. Try it out and let me know.


Cognitive thoughts, behavior, consequences=negative

Cognitive thoughts, behavior, consequences=positive

Analyze=motive behind thoughts.

Pride, lust, greed, envy, gluttony, anger, sloth=Character defects

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