Reasons for Substance abuse

The reasons for substance abuse can vary with grief issues that was not resolved. Death in the family is the hardest thing to cope with especially if you are close. Sometimes grief can lead to isolation and that can be damaging to the individual. Depression and alcohol is a bad mix due to the combination making you feel worse. Sometimes alcohol can be an excuse to cope with depressive feelings of grief. Death in the family on a stress scale is about 50 points of 100. If you were to add on some extra points to the grief then you can see how much stress can put a person over the edge toward substance abuse. Problems in life can be compounded with many situations that a person might not have the capacity to handle by themselves. Outside help would be beneficial to be objective into the situation to find solutions. Taking on grief by oneself is difficult and some people tried to stuff the feelings thinking that it will go away but it does not. Any type of stressor needs to be dealt with and having the right people is key for preventive action. Reasons to use drugs and alcohol is not the answer to any problem. I hear Bereavement groups can help with having others express their feelings with people close to them died. I have heard of divorce as a reason to use drugs or alcohol to cope with feelings of pain. Divorce is a stressful situation that can lead to substance use or alcoholism. Relationships can be difficult and lead to domestic violence, argument, temporary restraining order (TRO) and financial ruin. We feel betrayed, trust was broken, lies, unhappy, bored , financial problems, and just family falling apart. Marriage and family therapist could be helpful in these situations. Relationship needs to be 50/50 and it takes work to be together and that is how intimacy can grow. I can read all the books in the world but if I don’t apply it, it will not work. Learning and improving takes application by testing new ideas instead of the status quo. Looking outside the box for solutions is key to success with dealing with tough situations in life and you don’t have to be alone. Professional help with a therapist can give you the direction and solution to deal with problems that seem helpless. So, go out there with whatever problem and find that specialist to your problem and do not isolate.

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