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Well, It took a lot of time and applying for what I need and came across a job that is within my scope of practice. Substance abuse and the criminal mind. I realize that it takes a certain kind of person to help this population. I have recently taken a training on advance ethics  and Dr. Isaac stated that this is the hardest population to work with and burnout can happen. I have worked with this population for 14 years now with Salvation army addictions treatment services for 13 years and my Employee assistance program at Child and Family service for one year and now private practice and Hope Inc intensive outpatient services. It is good to have the opportunity to help those that need help today. There is a lot of stigma with substance abuse and criminals that need treatment. Of course it takes time to change and finding programs that work with teaching cognitive behavioral therapy and using empirical curriculum can be useful to help these people to change to be law abiding citizens. Rehabilitation takes time and there are numerous programs that can help the alcoholic, substance abuser, criminal to get out of their beliefs and be productive. Teaching and counseling is an art and having a certificate is easy to obtain. I find it fun to help this population and will try my best to help them succeed to pass on the message. Helping others is the key for greater success and money is a tool and not something that controls people. Crisis will happen and we must be prepared for it by having a lot of friends to help us navigate through tough times. I know this works because I have many friends that help me. Facebook does not count, we need social interaction and sports can be beneficial. The idea of concentration, focus, competition, and repetition will give us the (In the zone) feeling where time does not matter, we are in tune with the universe and everything is going my way. When we get older, we have so much stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, worry, hate, resentments, envy, rage, jealousy, and unhappy. Living in the here and now seems hard to do and we like to go into the past and future. The present moment is where we should focus on and experience this all the time. Instead we have the monkey mind that is scattered all over the place. If we could meditate watching a waterfall or listening to a meditation app could be help to focus and calm the mind down. We need to slow down and listen to the quietness and be quiet to calm ourselves. Quiet time to stop the noise or distractions that give us stress. So if you have time to try the app Syntuition which has free and can try it which has sounds that stimulant the brain. It can help relax you and make you feel good. I tried it and I would say it is different and powerful to get those negative thoughts out. I think the first three is free and if yo want more they will charge for the year. I believe it is $99 but you can probably get a deal of $65 a year if you catch it on a promotion. So Check it out and tell me what you think?

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