Fired and searching for work (Coping skills)

I got fired and need to find work again hopefully at a better place. It is the thinking that get us. I tend to get stress out about finding another job that it is overwhelming at times. Sometimes, I feel worthless, it’s my fault, what am I going to do, how am I going to explain this to my family….. Yes! a big disappointment and feeling depressed and I say So What! I have found that through the years of my experience with the same type of work has help me to find ideas to cope with various situations. For example, I always try to keep two jobs in case the job market changes. Current events now is showing that my job as a counselor is getting worse by the new snap rules. Welfare benefits will be cut off which will cause many alcoholics, addicts, criminals to not have housing, food, and jobs. Treatment centers depend on this funding source which will cause a major disruption in the industry. No place to house these people will turn into a crisis on March 2020. Food banks will be depleted, burnout for counselors will be the norm. In the mean time I want to give you hope that attend college is an option to find another career and anyone can apply. I have been in school for ten years and learn a lot and might go back to learn a trade. Never too old to learn new tricks right. So go out there and don’t be too hard on yourself because a door of opportunity will always open. Never give up!!!!!

Learning to cope with stress by using cognitive behavioral therapy. Let’s look at the situation or event, What is happening? I lost my job and got fired, Next, what are the facts of the situation, Job and fired, Let’s look at the next behavioral, I feel depressed, lost because I lost my job, negative thought, next is the consequence, I cannot do anything and stay home and still no job.

Second part of exercise, situation, I lost my job, behavioral, I need to find another one so I can survive, consequences, I am applying on indeed and networking for ideas.

So, as you can see one is negative and one is positive and we must focus on going forward and having goals to change one’s mindset or world beliefs. It takes time and awareness to do this over and over and it works even for the stubborn people.

Pandemic change and finding employment with new rules to work with new clients. My skill set is high for substance use counseling and I have a commercial driver’s license to help when times are tough especially these days. I like night driving with no traffic and empty roads especially at graveyard shift. Real quiet and spooky when cruising during the witching hour and hard to stay up because you are going against the rhythm of the sleep cycle. Sleep is important and did you know that rapid eye movement is importance cycle to go though to be healthy nowadays. Having difficulty with sleeping is not good for the health and I hear that sleeping heals the brain and body. I use to work the graveyard shift and always felt tired all the time and I cannot do it anymore now. I need to have a lot of sleep to handle stress from work to deal with another day. Maybe this is the cause for burnout and the body cannot handle which causes an imbalance. I am glad that I have balance today with my work and surfing at 57 years old.

Update with job searching on and Linkin which has my resume already and helps with finding new employment. I ran into another job and worked there for a couple months after getting bounce checks. Some of the workers that I encountered told me it was a regular affair with the checks not having funds in the bank. I had to experience a bounce check and waited for a month to get paid. Now I am on the search for another job to get paid on time. I believe that payday was supposed to get paid or someone is stealing the money. Well, I was not going to find out about it and left to find another job that will pay for good work. Now that the pandemic is on the rise, taking a vacation and waiting for another opportunity might take a while for a needle in a haystack. There are a lot of driving jobs open and that will be my last opportunity. I am lucky to have a CDL license to help with that and a long history of driving taxi. I had several interviews for therapist dealing with couples but had to turn them down due to not having training in that area. I usually stick to my expertise this is substance abuse and criminals which is an area that is hard to do at times but fun for me. I tend to enjoy working with this population which is hard and stressful at times and exciting. The change of a belief system is the exciting part of the job and watching people grow into a law abiding citizen and helping the community. To be able to reconnect to the system again and help out with the unfortunate is what I like to see.

New update with my journey into the unknown with job searching through the pandemic. Hawaii is in total lockdown starting tomorrow 8/26/2020 at 12am. We are at the highest in the nation for the virus and have to keep safe. I am moving toward tele therapy until the lock down is lifted to keep everyone safe. There are jobs out there for essential workers and I might get one eventually in God’s time. One day at a time and live in the present moment.

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