Employee Assistance Program for stress

Sometimes asking for help with the EAP service provided by your company can give you some solutions to anger and stress at work. I’m sure that there are jobs with a lot of stress from paperwork deadlines with unreasonable time limits of our 8-hour shift and the other external factors outside of work can pile up the stress. Divorce, low pay, no raise, no promotion, top-heavy management, undervalued, no credit, unappreciated, short staff, student loans, family feud, working two jobs and just being bored. Well, this is when EAP can help give some type of direction into another career, back to college, or change into another position.

We all need some type of professional assistance in finding a way out of the quicksand. I have been stuck before and ask my friends and professionals for solutions to get out of the problem. Sometimes problems help us to think creatively to find answers but I like them solved right away. Sometimes I try to fix something that is not broken and waiting can fix the problem by self. Working to have less stress is a combination of working smarter instead of harder. We need to create a system to help us navigate through our job more efficiently without straining ourselves to burnout.

Sometimes introducing ideas about how to streamline work with your team can make all the difference. Teaching others to be faster and more productive can have a positive effect. Of course, we need to love the job we do in order to be an expert. Another solution to stress reduction at work is finding a hobby of some sort that brings about enjoyment like video games, fishing, football, basketball, volleyball, scrabble, monopoly, dominos, cards, and don’t forget surfing, bodyboarding, stand up paddle, canoe, kayak, etc. So let’s look at our negative thoughts and change them to positive ones using the CBT method of an activation event, thoughts, behaviors or actions, and consequences and rewards. An example would be (Activating event)-I will have fun after work with my friends. (Thoughts)-I will call and ask my friends to go fishing. (Reward)-I end up catching some fish and lost track of time because it was such fun being with them and I caught something to brag about.

In addition, the Employee assistance program is growing due to the current problems in the workforce with favoritism, union backing your play, nepotism, corruption, layoffs, downsizing, promotions, raises, getting played, no recognition, glass ceiling, and no teamwork. I understand the frustration, anger, depression, anxiety one must face every day of dread to go work at times. Looking for options seems hopeless at times and we need someone to support those feelings nowadays to get through it. We are not a doormat to be stepped on and can find a place to be comfortable. I know that feeling of being in a job that I enjoy and like being there every day. Of course, there is another side of having a job that is stagnant with no change and it is boring to death that it appears as having no challenge. No creativity and just going to the motions day in and day out. It is like being stuck in the twilight zone and never-ending story. Sometimes, we need to take the risk to start a business of our own or take initiative to explore another career as I have done in the past for emergencies like the pandemic.

As you know, I have always prepared for the unknown and find ways to create a business of some sort of acquiring a new certification or maybe a college course. Not only a private practice for substance abuse, anger management class but I have baker skills, CDL license B, and outpatient counselor skills. I have some sales skills selling motorcycle parts and motorcycles on eBay and Facebook. There are a lot of options out there and researching for that niche market is key to success. So, if you are feeling down and out and need someone to talk to, you can start with maybe your family friends, and a therapist. So, check it out EAP services from your job, or just seeing a therapist can be helpful to find direction in your life.

Sometimes we need to experience something real like sports to help us feel in the zone. It is the feeling of being with others and having fun playing the sport. I missed those days when I was riding a motorcycle with a bunch of friends and we were having so much fun that I wanted to do that every single day. When I was alone and trying to catch that ultimate wave of the day is what counted the most. It is the experience of being one with the ocean and surf the best wave. The same feeling happens when you exercise for over twenty minutes and feel that second wind and get more energy to feel good. I tried the P90x program and that was a tough exercise program and surf which helps me gain more strength. I did not think that Yoga was an exercise but was wrong. It helped me to stretch and gain balance, focus, repetition, and concentration. I was in top shape and felt good that I could do plyometrics which is a non stop exercise with small breaks. My stress level went down and it helps me to surf better.


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