Employee Assistance Program for stress

Sometimes asking for help with the EAP service provided by your company can give you some solutions to anger and stress at work. I’m sure that there are jobs with a lot of stress from paper work deadlines with unreasonable time limits of out 8 hour shift and the other external factors outside of work can pile up the stress. Divorce, low pay, no raise, no promotion, top heavy management, undervalued, no credit, unappreciated, short staff, student loans, family feud, working two jobs, and just being bored. Well, this is when EAP can help give some type of direction into another career, back to college, or change into another position. We all need some type of professional assistance in finding a way out of the quicksand. I have been stuck before and ask my friends and professionals for solutions to get out of the problem. Sometimes problems help us to think creatively to find answers but I like them solved right away. Sometimes I try to fix something that is not broken and waiting can fix the problem by self. Working to have less stress is a combination of working smarter instead of harder. We need to create a system to help us navigate through our job more efficiently without straining ourselves to burnout. Sometimes introducing ideas about how to streamline work with your team can make all the difference. Teaching others to be faster and more productive can have a positive effect. Of course, we need to love the job we do in order to be an expert. Another solution to stress reduction at work is finding a hobby of some sort that brings about enjoyment like video games, fishing, football, basketball, volleyball, scrabble, monopoly, dominos, cards etc. So let’s look at out negative thoughts and change them to positive ones using the CBT method of an activation event, thoughts, behaviors or actions, and consequences and rewards. Example would be (Activating event)-I will have fun after work with my friends. (Thoughts)-I will call and ask my friends to go fishing. (Reward)-I end up catching some fish and lost track of time because it was so fun being with them and I caught something to brag about.

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