Certified Substance Abuse Counselor

Certified Substance Abuse Counselor or CSAC can be a career for you if interested in working with people that are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Training requirements is a registration through the Alcohol and drug abuse division or ADAD in Hawaii. It takes about 6000 hours or 3 years of training supervised at a substance abuse treatment center or you can substitute a master’s in psychology like mines for 4000 hours and 2000 hours at the treatment center. If you are considering the less restrictive way of obtaining your CSAC then classes at Leeward community college is the cheapest with a bachelor’s in psychology. I decided to go the expensive route to Chaminade University of Honolulu which I have enjoyed  and have been given another chance to help others. This is a great field to help others in need and Hawaii needs more counselors to deal with the rising situations with the homeless, criminal, and mental health problems. There are only so much space for prisons that costs billions of dollars to house criminals and the homeless. Crime rates will continue to rise and people that are addicted to drugs and alcohol will not stop unless there are policies to help train counselors. In the end, I believe that this field will need you to help in the cause with helping people get off drugs and alcohol. I’m here to inspire you to get into the field and be curious even though you might not like it, you can say you have tried it with experience. I have been in this field for 14 years now and experienced the up and downs with the changes in the CSAC business. I believe that this will never go away due to drug and alcohol as a problem which have been around for centuries without a cure. CSACs like me are a guide for these people which I try to bring an awareness to their problem of denial. I would say that the people that have that moment of clarity as a light bulb turns on like electricity. They say I understand what you are saying is the connection fo change. he moment the person understands how addiction or alcoholism started and now knows what to do is how to stop it from recurring. Sounds easy but takes years to find the answer and sometimes it might never be found due to extensive damage from drugs and alcohol that has done to the mind. I have talked to professionals that do not want to work with these individuals due to the complexity of problems  with the courts, child protective services, divorce, death in the family, family issues, mental problems of depression, anxiety, suicidal, criminal etc. It is a build up from using drugs and  alcohol for many years and to tackle them head on is a task for the counselor. The reward is helping guide the individual through all this calamity to being part of society again is the best feeling that has no explanation. It is the experience like the Here and Now present moment that counts. If you watch children when they play with their toys, they experience the here and now present moment without worry over other things in life. So, if you have children and watch how they play, maybe you should try it out for yourself to see the experience in the here and now. If you do not understand what i am saying then watch the movie Peaceful warrior which teaches the Here and now.

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