Natural High by exercise, sports, hobbies, and meditation.

There is a way to feel good without the use of drugs naturally. Some people use exercise as a way to feel good through dopamine and endorphins. I hear that jogging makes you feel good after 20 minutes of constant running or exercising until reaching the second wind. It is a feeling of calmness after finishing a good workout. I...[ read more ]

Methamphetamines as a synthetic drug and addictive

Clean and Sober Dance for Halloween

Hey Guys and Gals, if you have nothing to do on Halloween and want to stay sober and dance then this is the place for you. No shame cuz nobody watching you dance sober. WHEN: October 26, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm WHERE: Susannah Wesley Community Center 1117 Kaili St #3432 Honolulu HI 96819 COST: $10

Al Anon meetings for the family to understand the alcoholics

Al Anon and Ala teen are meetings that help family members or significant others to understand the person who is suffering from alcohol and addiction which follows the same pattern of abuse to dependency. We tend to enable the alcoholic and addict by giving them help that enables them. The help that is needed depends on how much is used...[ read more ]

Narcotics Anonymous meetings for addiction with drugs

Heroin, methamphetamines, marijuana, cocaine, spice, bath salts, and prescription drugs are controlled and illegal. Narcotics anonymous meetings are self-help groups that discuss drug addiction through stories of addicts that have recovered through attending groups, service and the 12- steps. There are many groups all over the island with the same purpose to stop using drugs and find a better life....[ read more ]

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for alcohol abuse or dependency

AA or Alcoholics Anonymous is a self-help group based on the 12-steps. People with alcohol problems usually attend here and some groups are open to anyone that just wants to learn more about a self-help group. Usually, there are some that are recommended to attend these groups that are all over the island. Some groups are closed and allow only...[ read more ]

Intensive Outpatient process

13 years in intensive outpatient process was intense training in my career. I have met with high-risk clients on the LSI or (Level of service inventory) which measures Criminal history, Education and employment, Financial, Family and marital relationships, Residential accommodations  Leisure and recreation activities,  Companions,  Alcohol and drug problems, Emotional and personal, and Attitudes and orientations. High-risk scores of 29...[ read more ]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for those beliefs

CBT for short as cognitive behavioral therapy. It has been useful working with my clients ot identify thinking errors. We all have them and made a lot of assumptions. For example, When I am driving a motorcycle everyone seems to be driving slow when in reality, I am driving too fast. When I drive a car everyone is driving crazy...[ read more ]

Substance Abuse urinalyses/adulterants

Urinalyses for different types of drugs help treatment with different levels of care. If a person's nanograms are high with a drug test that comes from a lab then it will be detox treatment. Another person might need residential treatment after being in detox. Detoxificaton is a process of cleaning out the system of drugs and being monitored when the...[ read more ]

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