Financial stress

Financial stress happens all the time and I do like to spend a lot of money at times and end up zero balance. A budget seems to be frugal and does not blend well especially the holidays during Christmas. Spend, spend, spend and no worries until after the New Year's celebration and parties. It is a season of pure joy...[ read more ]

Free E-book on Getting out of the Rut

Finding solutions out of being stuck in the rut is a helpful tool for success. Even though we may fail at something does not mean that it is a total loss. Out of failure with something, there was a teaching of some sort. We did not realize at the time what it was for because it was not time yet....[ read more ]

Anger Management

Anger usually has two ways of direction with constructive and destructive. How is anger constructive you say? Well, it is designed to drive you into doing something like changing a job. You feel angry because of working conditions which haven't change for years. You have been telling them to change it and nothing happens. There are things out of your...[ read more ]

Urine sample drug testing 6 panel

Urine testing with the six-panel urine test strip for benzodiazepines, cocaine, opiates, PCP, amphetamines, and THC. THC is marijuana, amphetamines is usually pills form and methamphetamines are a synthetic form of amphetamine where the compounds have been changed into a highly addictive form of amphetamines. PCP is angel dust or horse tranquilizer and carfentanil is elephant tranquilizer. Cocaine is a...[ read more ]

THC, CBD, marijuana, hash oil, hash, edibles

THC-Tetrahydrocannabinol is the substance in marijuana that can be addictive. It starts with a joint, bag, ounce, to a pound, hashish, hash oil, and finally the powder form. The intensity of getting high increases with dosage. Hallucinations can happen if the THC level is high and paranoia can cause confusion and behavioral changes. If THC is combined with LSD then...[ read more ]


When I think about the void and how it was created by me. I think about how a sense of self can get loss by traumatic events as a divorce as 5 years old. Parents fighting with each other without a clue and not knowing why being isolated and finding a way in life to understand how things work. The...[ read more ]

Work Stress

Work and stress go together and sometimes can lead to burning out. I have worked two jobs at Intensive outpatient services at Salvation Army ATS for 13 years and drove taxi part-time in Waikiki. Some days were long and the graveyard shift on the weekends was tough but I lasted 13 years and had to give it up due to...[ read more ]

Midlife crisis

Sometimes we think of midlife crisis as a feeling of change. Not enough hormones in the body. Lack of energy, feeling fatigued, health problems, gaining weight, grumpy, lack of creativity, and depressed. As we get older, our bodies are not the same and testosterone seems to go down after 25 years old and if you notice the car insurance companies...[ read more ]

Burnout from the Job

Feeling overwhelmed with all kinds of feelings with being depressed about the outlook at your job. Putting all kinds of demands to your life dealing with the higher-ups which give no support. Feelings of being unappreciated with no praise, no raise, and no promotion. Feels like a dead-end job with no direction or guidance. You go to work feeling dread...[ read more ]

Urine sample sent to the lab

Urine test is the easiest to do and test strips from the pharmacy are cost-efficient. The accuracy is almost good with the sample sent to the lab to check levels of methamphetamines, cocaine, Benzodiazepines, and marijuana. Usually, they call this the 4-panel strip with four drugs to detect. So if you want to catch a person doing drugs for whatever...[ read more ]

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