Criminal and Substance Abuse

Which comes first the criminal or substance abuse? Well I have work with the criminal and substance abuse population for 14 years. I started at Salvation Army ATS on the Pali and learned a lot through the years. It was fun and I enjoy helping people to get out of the vicious cycle of criminality and drug addiction. The job...[ read more ]

Substance Abuse Counseling, certified substance abuse counselor

In all my years counseling with high risk criminals, substance abuse, alcoholism, and some mental health that are mixed together seems a hard task. There are rules, regulations and standards that need to be followed to ensure a positive experience. On one hand, there are counselors that want to help clients get out of the disease concept of addiction that...[ read more ]

Staying safe and making it through the crisis

In times of crisis, we all need each other to get through whatever comes out way. I know it is easier said than done. A higher power can be handy in times where there is no one around and sometimes we take for granted the things that is ordinary now becomes precious to us. We have fear of the unknown...[ read more ]

Found a Job!!!!

Well, It took a lot of time and applying for what I need and came across a job that is within my scope of practice. Substance abuse and the criminal mind. I realize that it takes a certain kind of person to help this population. I have recently taken a training on advance ethics  and Dr. Isaac stated that this...[ read more ]

Fired and searching for work (Coping skills)

I got fired and need to find work again hopefully at a better place. It is the thinking that get us. I tend to get stress out about finding another job that it is overwhelming at times. Sometimes, I feel worthless, it's my fault, what am I going to do, how am I going to explain this to my family........[ read more ]

Substance Abuse Stories on positive tests

Usually at working at a treatment center, you as a counselor need to perform urinalysis tests with a five panel screen to test for opiates or vicodin, heroin, oxycontin, percocets, codeine, benzos or valiums, cocaine or crack or freebase, methamphetamines, and THC or marijuana. There are two lines and if they are red, it is positive test for the substance....[ read more ]

Substance Abuse and Drag racing

My favorite teaching for my clients in the classroom for intensive outpatient session is to tell them a story of drag racing at Hawaii Raceway Park and Maui Raceway Park. Fundays where I had two motorcycles. On Maui, I had the Honda Hurricane 600cc and clock it at 11.86 which a lot of people on Honolulu thought was impossible because...[ read more ]

Stress and Diabetes

Sometimes diabetes can affect our stress levels due to sugar levels being too high. It is a silent disease and can come on suddenly without realizing it. Levels as high as 600 blood sugar is to enter the hospital and can get to the point of a coma. Sugar gives energy and without it, you can feel fatigue, cranky, urination...[ read more ]

Employee Assistance Program for stress

Sometimes asking for help with the EAP service provided by your company can give you some solutions to anger and stress at work. I'm sure that there are jobs with a lot of stress from paper work deadlines with unreasonable time limits of out 8 hour shift and the other external factors outside of work can pile up the stress....[ read more ]

Reasons for Substance abuse

The reasons for substance abuse can vary with grief issues that was not resolved. Death in the family is the hardest thing to cope with especially if you are close. Sometimes grief can lead to isolation and that can be damaging to the individual. Depression and alcohol is a bad mix due to the combination making you feel worse. Sometimes...[ read more ]

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