Substance Abuse and Employee Assistance Program

Employee assistance program or EAP is a program to help the employee to navigate through problems with work-related stress, anxiety, substance abuse, anger, and burnout. Sometimes a person might have a crisis like a death in the family and needs therapy. As you know that grief does not go away on its own and can have an impact on the...[ read more ]

Substance Abuse Resources 2

During the pandemic and having substance abuse issues can be taxing for the individual. We can find resources through avenues with catholic charities that have helped recovering addicts and alcoholics with paying for their rent. Sometimes we might have a business that was struggling through hard times and we need assistance. Here is a resource that just opens up to...[ read more ]

Substance abuse and Opioids, Oxycontin, Percocets, Vicodin, fentanyl, morphine, heroin

These drugs are all related to addiction by the use in pill form, patches, and the needle or intravenous through the muscle or veins. As addiction grows and progresses, the substance abuser becomes addicted to substances as these which follow a pattern of tolerance, withdrawals, and side effects. Some people can stop these types of drugs through cold turkey with...[ read more ]

Substance abuse and renter evictions

One thing after another in dealing with substance abuse problems, pandemic stress, and now eviction due to losing employment. A snowball effect that seems to be getting hopeless in these times. I wish I had all the answers to this dilemma and trials that have us in a confounding moment with variables that we face today and not clear cut...[ read more ]

Substance Abuse and criminals

Substance abuse and criminals is a symbiotic relationship that seems to go nicely together due to the financial constraints with using drugs and alcohol. Drugs cost more money and usually need to be hidden because of the fact that it is illegal. Alcohol on the other hand is cheaper and easily obtainable through having a fake identification or finding an...[ read more ]

Substance Abuse resources

I don't know if I am slow on the way the city and county of Honolulu have changed their way of dealing with the public as for services.  My commercial driver's license is about to expire and has 6 months to renew.  I have heard that a regular type 3 driver's license can take a longer process than a CDL...[ read more ]

Substance abuse and stress

I believe that stress is at a high level in Hawaii today because of the pandemic. We have shut down two times and a lot of businesses have been lost. Our dependence on tourism has cost us our jobs, housing, and families. There is some hope from some resources that I have found to be useful and tried to apply...[ read more ]

Substance abuse treatment?

I believe that you are reading this because of the idea that you may have a problem with drug use. We are all in a deciding moment or rude awakening that I might have a problem with drinking or using drugs. It is a hard decision whether to decide to live or die from drug use because of the why...[ read more ]

Enabling the addict or alcoholic

Sometimes we like to help our family member who is an alcoholic or addict by giving them money. Of course this tends to backfire because it is endless and they end up stealing it instead of asking. You may think, "I was helping them out." It was because you felt sorry for them because they gave you a good reason...[ read more ]

I quit my job???

Looks like my journey with working for the wrong companies has come to an ending and now a new adventure awaits us. I have been on this treadmill for a long time thinking that things like a job could last forever.... How wrong I was and could be replaced anytime with a new model that is cost efficient. I guess...[ read more ]

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